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Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Give now to protect vulnerable women & girls.

$3,430 raised

$15,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

‚ÄčThe Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation has been committed to providing shelter and education to women and children in impoverished communities since 2015.

During this global crisis, we want to share with you what's happening on the ground in India and Nepal - and offer ways you can help the most vulnerable and impacted during these challenging times.

Her Future Coalition, the benefiting charity of Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation, has a team on the ground and like many of us, the women, children and families are frightened by the unknowns. By providing basics - food, masks, education and hope - we, as a global community, are able to share what we can and help those in dire need.

Her Future and Seva are fiercely and relentlessly committed to providing a safe place for women and children in our programs. Many survivors have health issues such as TB and HIV. Children growing up in red light areas and urban slums often have poor health and weakened immune systems due to lack of proper nutrition, health care and toilet facilities. Women raising children in red light areas and slums live day to day, with no savings available to stock food and fuel.

When women and families are hungry and desperate - the rate of trafficking increases rapidly. Our biggest concern right now - getting basics, food & masks - to the women and girls we support.


  • $10 donation provides materials for health masks for 40 girls. The girls in our vocational training programs are hand-making masks and distributing to their communities. Masks have been recommended, especially in highly populated areas such as the red light areas and urban slums our organization supports.
  • $25 donation that feeds 1 family for 21 days. During the Indian government shutdown, which has now been extended to early May, access to food is scarce. This donation will provide rations (5kg rice, 5kg lentils, 5 liters of milk, oil & sugar) so families do not starve.
  • $50 donation provides 1 meal to 100 girls living in our Jalpaiguri shelter home. Since the shutdown, no one is allowed to enter or leave the shelter. With this donation we can ensure meals are still being provided to those who are locked inside.
  • $100 donation pays 1 girl's daily wages for 1 month. Almost all girls and families in our programs survive off of their daily wages. Without access to work, families are desperate and hungry. It is vital we ensure girls continue to make daily wages so that they do not turn to a form of trafficking as a means to feed their families.
  • $300 donations pays rent for 1 Red Light Resource Center for 1 month. We support 4 centers that each serve 100+ women and girls.

Her Future Coalition, the benefiting nonprofit of the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation, is a Massachusetts non-profit organization 501c3 (federal tax exempt), EIN # 37-1497985 and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.