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Give Now to Educate Survivors

Education Breaks the Cycle of Poverty & Exploitation

$101,392 raised

$80,000 goal

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Can you bear this? Because I can’t…

  • 13 year-old girls forced to service 15 or 20 men each night in a brothel
  • Girls so deeply in their trauma, they can’t feel their own arms or legs
  • Elementary aged children who cannot attend school, but spend their evenings hiding from predators in red light areas
  • Little girls living on the streets, always sleeping face down and covering their heads with blankets, so passersby won’t know they are girls and sexually assault them
  • Young girls working as servants in the homes of strangers, forced to help the children of that family get ready for school each day, then being left behind, expected to cook and clean until late at night, and living in constant fear of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Survivors who don’t know how, or don’t dare to express what they want to do in any given moment - simple choices like what to wear, and more important decisions, like whether to go back to school or do vocational training. They trust no one because everyone who was supposed to love and protect them has let them down.

These are the very real situations which girls in our program used to face, every single day. Fifteen years ago, we launched Her Future because I - and a loving circle of friends like you - decided to do something about situations like these. Together we fight the continuous violence and dehumanization against the most vulnerable girls in the world.

We have found solutions, working side by side with heroic local organizations. We have learned - by doing and by asking - what survivors needed in order to heal and take back their lives. Here’s the solution that works, time after time, to bring girls from the most wounded and hopeless point of their lives, to a place of joy and personal power: Education + Safe Shelter = A FUTURE

Education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation that allows trafficking to continue from generation to generation. This holiday season, we need to raise $80,000 so that we can offer quality education to 250 more girls in rescue shelters, red light areas and slum communities in 2020.

We promise to keep bringing all our love and energy to turn unbearable situations into inspiring stories of triumph. Your love is needed too. If you make this gift, you’ll be able to help a girl in India or Nepal to have new hope for a free and dignified life. Please give generously today, and help girls come out of unbearable situations, and into glorious futures!