Donate to provide long term sustainability to survivors.  image

Donate to provide long term sustainability to survivors.

Help us create long term sustainability and security for Her Future and for the girls that rely on us most.

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Together We Are Building Her Future!

Why we need Future Builders?

When a girl is rescued from human trafficking, or has experienced severe gender violence, she needs time to heal, rebuild her shattered identity, catch up on lost years of education, and to rediscover hope and the capacity for joy. We at Her Future are committed to walking beside survivors all along their journey to freedom and recovery. If a girl joins our program at a young age, or if she has a high level of trauma, that process can take years.

In order to fulfill our commitment to women and girls, we need a secure income for the charity, so that we are not living ‘hand to mouth’, or dependent on grants - which can be unpredictable.

We are looking for Monthly Donors to join our cause - are you The Guardian Angel, The Mentor or The Future Builder? By joining our team as a monthly donor you are choosing to stand behind survivors as they come out of brutal situations and build beautiful futures.

The Guardian Angel - $10/month

The Mentor - $25/month

The Future Builder - $50/month

Our Thank YOU - monthly donors will receive quarterly updates from our founder and team on the ground & a unique piece of jewelry handcrafted by survivors.