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Give to empower women escaping violent oppression.

Your financial support equips women in India with holistic residential care and educational support to thrive after abuse.

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Jeevan Aadhar Transformative Aftercare Services (“JATAS”) offers holistic residential care to young women in Mumbai who have experienced sexual oppression and poverty. Over the past decade, JATAS has empowered over 100 young women to reenter their communities after abuse through safe housing and comprehensive support services. More than 2,000 women living in group homes have participated in life skills workshops, received medical services, or enjoyed recreational activities with support from JATAS.

Platinum | $800 monthly recurring donation - 2 girls' total care (provides all her needs which include education, housing, food, counseling and medical care)

Gold | $400 monthly recurring donation - 1 girl's total care

Silver | $250 monthly recurring donation - 1 girl's housing, food and medical care

Bronze | $100 monthly recurring donation - 1 girl's education, counseling and medical care

Reshma's story illustrates this transformative impact.

At five years old, Reshma became a household servant when her mother passed away. After experiencing harsh working conditions and physical abuse, she ran away and began living in a government home. Throughout her childhood, Reshma struggled with the trauma of her experiences as well as speech and hearing challenges which made her feel insecure.

When Reshma turned 18, she came to JATAS. Case Workers connected her to safe housing, a relational network, educational support, and counseling to overcome the challenges of her past. Speech therapy and hearing treatments empowered her to develop new confidence and find her voice. With full tuition support and holistic care, Reshma completed her secondary education and received a Master's degree in Social Work.

JATAS played a pivotal role in Reshma's remarkable transformation. Today, she is a confident and independent woman, a stark contrast to the shy, unsure girl who first arrived at our doorstep. She works full time using skills from her education and lives independently, with ongoing advocacy and support through her engagement with the JATAS Alumni Association. Reshma's life today is a testament to the transformative power of JATAS, where vulnerability and hardship found hope, empowerment, and a future filled with possibilities.

Your financial support makes stories like Reshma’s possible!

You can give on this website using the Donate button above. If you’d rather give by check*, please mail your gift to:

Her Future Coalition
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*All checks should be made payable to Her Future Coalition. Please write "JATAS" in the memo line of your check. Her Future Coalition, a United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 2005, has partnered with JATAS to serve as the organization's exclusive U.S. fiscal sponsor. Your donation to Her Future Coalition (EIN #37-1497985) is fully tax-deductible, and 100% of your gift will directly support JATAS' work in India.