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Education & Vocational Sponsorships

Whether you sponsor a girl's formal education, or a young woman's vocational training, you are helping to create a break in the cycle of intergenerational exploitation and poverty.

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When you sign up to sponsor a child's education, we will assign you to an individual child or small group of kids in a shelter or drop in center. We conduct regular meetings and activities with all our sponsored kids, and will share twice-yearly (or more often) reporting on the child or group.

Since 2005 Her Future offers shelter, education, job training and mental health programs to survivors of gender violence and girls at the highest risk. Our long term, intensive support enables them to recover from trauma, rejoin society, and build a bright future. We believe passionately in collaboration as the only way to solve the worlds' biggest problems, and operate many of our programs in partnership with respected local agencies, with whom we have built relationships of trust over many years.

Her Future Coalition, EIN# 37-1497985 is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, (501c3 federal tax exempt), and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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