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$1,065 towards $10,000

Since April 2019, you have helped me raise $8,581 dollars in my deceased father's name, Mohammad Wajed Hussain, who sincerely believed in the welfare of a girls life and her education. My wish is to continue raising money on his behalf because he would have wanted to give these girls a second chance.

Mission is to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation by empowering women and children around the globe through education and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Belief is that no situation is beyond hope. As India is the birthplace of yoga, we believe it is our duty to give back to a culture that has given the international yoga community so much.

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The Yoga Medicine® Seva Foundation partners with Her Future Coalition, a 501c3 with 15-years of proven success. This partnership allows us to support the most impactful programs that combat human trafficking and gender-based violence around the globe with boots and hearts on the ground. Yoga Medicine® Seva Foundation is able to direct funds exactly where needed most – women and children rescued from, or at high risk for various forms of modern slavery.

Since 2015, the Seva Foundation has:

● Raised over $340,000 through 1060+ individual donors

● Reached over 1000 women and girls providing, shelter, education & employment

● Provides ongoing support to over 10 shelters and centers

● Expanded our fundraising team to 60+ members


Our 2019-2021 fundraising will support the following:

  • COVID Relief - emergency food & water distribution provided to over 1,000 people, medical kits including essentials such as Tylenol, thermometer, soap and masks, social worker to check on families and supply information about COVID.
  • COVID Recovery - supplied 60 girls with tablets, wifi data cards, tutors and teachers to ensure they have access to virtual learning.
  • Ongoing Programs - Shelter, Drop-In Centers, Remedial Education and vocational Training.
  • The Seva Center - renovating and furnishing a large workshop space in our beneficiary's new learning center! The space is centrally located in Kolkata and very accessible to the girls we serve. This space will aim to be a place to connect, feel support, receive resources, learn new skills, receive mental health counseling and education, and dream of brighter futures.
The Seva Center will focus on healing and community-building through modalities such as yoga, education, meditation, arts therapy, and women's health workshops.



Every dollar counts whether you donate $10, $100 or $1000. See below what your donations can do:

- To provide a welcome kit upon rescue to one girl is $10

- To provide nourishing meals for one girl for one month is $20

- To educate one girl for one month is $30

- To educate that same girl for one year is $360

- To provide shelter for one girl for one month is $40

- To provide shelter for that same girl for one year is $480

- To provide economic empowerment through vocational training for one girl for one month is $50

- To provide economic empowerment for that same girl for one year is $600

The Yoga Medicine® Seva Foundation partners with the local anti-trafficking organization Her Future Coalition, (formally T.E.N. Charities) EIN# 37-1497985 is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, (501c3 federal tax exempt), and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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