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Educate, Engage, Empower.

Working with children and women from impoverished families with a vision to provide high-quality holistic education to enable community transformation.

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Our Journey: Starting with just 20 beneficiaries Ek Tara now have over 1300 children and women as a part of its programmes mainly centered around quality education and skill development . All beneficiaries including those in the vocational training unit have access to support initiatives on health, hygiene, nutrition and skill building opportunities.

The Community we work for:

  • Over 95% of the children and women under Ek Tara belong to the minority community. Most of them are migrants from the neighboring state of Bihar who settled here for better job prospects when the tanneries were fully functional. However, the government crackdown on tanneries operating within city limits, and with most getting relocated outside the Green Belt, resulted in mass unemployment and poverty. Today, these workers earn a paltry living as either daily wage laborers or by working as cheap labour in make-shift leather shoe sole units.
  • The cycle of poverty and lack of education has prohibited this community from any development and it is our aim to at least make sure that future generations can break out of it. Our children are all First Generation learners, which makes the challenge bigger.
  • Most families consist of 6-7 members with one earning member with an average income of Rs.3500-Rs.4000 per month. Under these circumstances they are barely able to look after their basic needs of food and shelter.

The main programmes run by Ek Tara include:

• Education

• Nutrition

• Health and Hygiene

• Community Engagement

Her Future Coalition are long term supporters and partners of Ek Tara, and are also our fiscal sponsors. For donors in the US all tax-exempt letters will originate from HFC. Her Future Coalition, (formally T.E.N. Charities) EIN# 37-1497985 is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, (501c3 federal tax exempt), and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.